On 15. March 2016 a training of special issues of engineering contract took place in Addenda OÜ´s training class, that was carried out by attorney-at-law Siret Siilbek. 

On her training, Siret spoke about what is related to transfer-reciept of a project. In addition, Siret gave an overview about copyrights arising from engineering and the possibilities to defend them. On training day Siret gave an overview about how to benefit from contract terms regulations, how to submit a claim for damages against engineer and which are the possibilities to submit the objections in that case. As well, the main provisions of PTÜ 2007 (general terms) were introduced.

Siret was basing on current legislation, court practice and PTÜ 2007.

The training to representatives of engineering and construction companies, who come across with concluding and accomplishing engineering contracts in their daily work, took place on 15. March 2016 in Addenda´s training class on address Tammsaare tee 47 at 10:00 am to 13:15 pm.

If the training was passed, Addenda OÜ issued a certificate, where there was marked 3 engineer continuing education points by Estonian Union of Engineers.