Law Firm ALTERNA organised a job shadowing day to introduce the attorneys’ daily work to law students.

During the job shadowing day, we spoke about applying to work in a law firm, introduced the everyday work in a law firm and spoke about the specifics of working as an attorney. We further discussed the principles and requirements from the Code of Conduct of the Estonian Bar Association that applies to law firms and attorneys. Our attorneys introduced the fields of business consultancy and court disputes, by going through two court cases, which hearings the students can also attend in court.

The job shadowing day turned out very well – it was exciting for both the students and us. We hope that we encouraged and motivated the students to continue their law studies and to consider working in law firms in the future.

We would like to thank the law students for this great day they spent with us – we wish you all good luck in your law studies and in your future careers!

Law firm ALTERNA