FinantsTreff 2017 is already on 2 November 2017, it is the highlight event of finance and accounting field. The conference organised by Law Firm ALTERNA’s good cooperation partner Addenda is focused on the upcoming annual report and changes in accountancy. Both legal and accountancy issues are to be discussed.

FinantsTreff gathers presentations from the experts in these fields (representators of Tax and Customs Board, lawyers and auditors). ALTERNA’s tax law attorney Epp Lumiste is one of the performers. As the matter of foreign labour force has been a burning issue recently, attorney-at-law Epp Lumiste is providing an overview of the taxation of foreign labour force. Epp also gives insight of the taxation of temporary agency work and the risks for an employer. 

FinantsTreff 2017 is held on 2 November 2017 in Coca-Cola Plaza, Hobujaama 5, 10151 Tallinn. It can be reached by the cinema’s door on Hobujaama street.

More information can be read on Addenda home page or by contacting Epp on or by calling +372 680 6850.