ALTERNA’s partner and attorney-at-law Annika Vait and attorney-at-law Epp Lumiste introduced Rocca Al Mare School students the work of attorneys and working in law firm. They spoke about the daily work of attorneys, specialisation and responsibility related to their work. In addition to that, they discussed the guarantees and liabilities that apply to the attorneys and law firms.

We believe that the youth understood the main work of attorneys and principles of working in law firm. Especially that, even if the work of an attorney may bring a considerable workload, it is an interesting field that encourages constant self-development and offers new challenges every day. We truly hope that some of the students consider starting their future studies in the School of Law. We would be happy and proud to see young colleagues like them. 

Any questions regarding this post can be discussed with Annika or Epp by e-mail on or or by calling +372 680 6850.