Administrative and misdemeanour procedures

In the field of administrative procedures, ALTERNA counsels both administrative authorities in relations with natural persons and natural persons in relations with public authorities. We have experience in counselling and representing public authorities when conducting the administrative procedure, which includes solving challenge proceeding. We are also experienced in representing natural and legal persons in submitting applications and in administrative procedures as well as in negotiations with the public authorities. We represent our clients in administrative matters also in court.

The partners of ALTERNA are also actively participating in developing the Estonian legislation, being members of Business Law Committee and the Expert Committee for Insolvency of the Estonian Bar Association. Therefore we have the necessary knowledge and skills of legislative processes and policies.

ALTERNA aims to provide its clients a service that is thorough and high in quality. In the field of administrative procedures, we believe that it is not only needed to be familiar with the nuances of administrative procedure, but also have in-depth knowledge of a specific sector related to each case. For example, in order to successfully perform construction supervision or represent clients in this procedure, the attorney shall as well have deepened knowledge about construction law. 

We defend our clients also in misdemeanour procedures, both in extra-judicial and court procedures of misdemeanours. Our client is provided with assistance in cases of traffic or other misdemeanours.

Selection of work done by ALTERNA’s attorneys: