Obligation and Labour law

ALTERNA counsels its clients in the matters of law of obligations and all areas of labour law.

The law of obligations regulates different contractual and non-contractual relations. We compile and negotiate inter alia sales contracts, lease contracts, contracts for services and loan and credit agreements. We also have significant experience related to less common contracts, such as factoring contracts, gratuitious contracts, leasing contracts, licence agreements, franchise contracts, insurance contracts, contracts of partnership, brokerage/agency/commission contracts, contracts of carriage and deposit contracts.

We compile claims, applications and pretensions that are necessary for our client, for example the declaration of withdrawal or declaration of cancellation of a contract, declaration of set-off, declaration to reduce a price, or a claim for compensating damages. Timely submitted claims often ensure the success of a later dispute. Thereby we know that it is highly important to previously examine the documentation and assess the clients’ position, so that our client is able to make an informed decision about which claims and applications are useful and financially beneficial or about considering compromise negotiations. We compile all the necessary documentation and represent our clients in negotiation proceedings.

Moreover, our attorneys have many years of experience in counselling in labour law. The lead of this field is partner Ms Annika Vait, who has been a lecturer for many years and has been writing monthly news updates to Addenda’s labour law blog. In cooperation with Äripäev, our law firm is issuing Employment Relations e-handbook. Our attorney-at-law Ms Epp Lumiste is the chief editor of this handbook.

ALTERNA represents and counsels both the employers and employees about compiling and concluding employment contracts, terminating employment relations, filing claims and also in disputes – both in court and labour dispute committee, and before having recourse to dispute bodies. Labour law is part of our everyday work, as we are everyday legal counsellors of many companies.

Selection of work done by ALTERNA’s attorneys: