Succession law and family law

ALTERNA solves their clients’ issues in family law and succession law, both in pre-litigation proceedings and disputes in court.

We have significant experience in dividing joint property, terminating the joint right of custody, and granting powers of decision to one parent. In some cases, the parents’ relations have become irrevocably critical, leading to applying a restraining order against one parent. We are helping parents in reconciliation proceedings and reaching settlements that are actually working and take into consideration the interests of a child.

Dividing the joint property of the spouses can often cause other disputes: starting with reclaiming things from illegal possession to corporate law disputes, because often the spouses are at the same time shareholders of companies or members of management or supervisory board of companies. This may lead to a situation, where one spouse tries to take over the management of the company without the other spouse knowing. We have successfully represented our clients in these complicated matters.

We have the necessary experience and knowledge to counsel and request consents from court that are necessary to conclude transactions with the property of a child or with the property of a person under guardianship. We have requested consents also for acquiring and transferring shares of companies and real estate, and for concluding contracts for use.

We represent our clients also in the matters of succession law – from determining the composition of succession to claiming recognition of the right of succession or objecting it. We also counsel and represent clients in negotiations with other successors when dividing an estate and if needed, represent them in the same dispute in court.

Selection of work done by ALTERNA’s attorneys: