Restructuring and insolvency

ALTERNA’s attorneys offer high level legal services in the area of restructuring and insolvency proceedings. We represent creditors, debtors, Members of the Board, shareholders and other stakeholders in all aspects of restructuring and insolvency matters, searching for the best solutions for both in court, as well as extrajudicial proceedings. Our goal is to be a partner with a company in the development and implementation of a plan for overcoming temporary insolvency and also to provide assistance to the creditor to successfully protect their own interests.

ALTERNA’s attorneys have also assisted financial institutions in various bankruptcy-related matters, such as the filing of a bankruptcy petition against the debtor, appointment of an interim trustee and declaring bankruptcy. In addition, ALTERNA attorneys operate as members of the bankruptcy committee. Siret Siilbek, Partner in Law Firm ALTERNA, who is responsible for this area, is a member of the Expert Committee for Insolvency of the Estonian Ministry of Justice and the Committee of Insolvency of Estonian Bar Association and also participates in legislation related to this field.

The main fields of activity of ALTERNA’s attorneys are as follows:

Selection of work done by ALTERNA’s attorneys: